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I never have I’m a vicious & VIOLENT PERSON w ANY KIND OF BOOZE IN ME so happily stay away!! they had her on a low dose med that was working great for her. Does anyone have any ideas to get a grown man to take his meds so he can be normal?” He just blew another union job…he’s all over the place and too dangerous to work. They are threatening voices and she is sure that a chip was implanted during a visit to the dentist or when she had a colonoscopy or some other time when she was in the hospital. This might be true. Natasha Tracy is an award-winning writer, speaker, advocate and consultant from the Pacific Northwest. My daughter was diagnosed with bi-polar at 21, she is now 45. Suicidal thoughts continue but I am making it through so far. You likely met your husband when he was in a hypomanic phase, which is like a lower level of mania. Tomorrow I have to go to court to ask the court to force my 45 year old daughter to take drugs that she vehemently does not want to take. She will not go back on the medication that worked for her. How does menopause affect them? Don’t give up, I believe in you. In that case, I will let them tell me what to do for a period of 1 month.” then you would have a handle. If the medication isn’t working, it’s time to work with a psychiatrist to find better medication that does work for the patient. I Don’t Think So, The Weight of a Chronic Illness Diagnosis, Judging Those Who Get Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). There is another concept beside ‘noncompliant” or “nonadherent”. This volatile atmosphere became the norm for our family these past years. I think a more clear boundary needs to be established for people who need it and don’t. When she was first diagnosed it took the doctor’s a few months to get her on medications that worked. I would simply say that you chose not to have him around for whatever reason and that you cannot cross that boundary, as those are obviously your children. Share. My sister is someone else in mania/hypomania and you have to accept that. Anyway…..just convos I’ve overheard @ hospital plus ppl would return from pass reeking of alcohol BLAH……… | Queensland Mental Health, How Psychologists Can Harm Your Mental Health (But They Don’t Have to), The Lifeline Can Trace Calls. Another thing is that I am afraid about my kids. There was a time where I didn’t need Paxil or Respiridal, before an event in my life, which I mentioned (Which I will not go into detail about) changed things for me , it’s environmental, not chemical (unlike perhaps Bipolarism) A more accurate analogy would be taking Tylenol for hunger pains, it doesn’t solve the problem, it just masks it, while it gets worse. He is hypo-manic and I am afraid that he will hurt himself. Their medication is working, they’re experiencing wellness and so they think they no longer need their medication. The alternative concept is “medication interest level” on some scale. the loved ones simply hang back and wait for something to happen? Or to believe that it’s okay or a good idea to “give our bodies a break” from this or that medication. That is why it’s considerate to small-talk people. I wanted her to understand, as much as possible, what it meant to manage a serious illness for a lifetime. But if your a self aware person,& understand where your disease will take you med- free… do you boo boo Thanks again. Can you please help? Im shocked I haven’t/never been hospitalized, i hate those and i refuse to go. If he had agreed previously to some policy, say: “I will accept I’m manic and have lost perspective if 3 people on this list tell me so. The only thing which could go wrong is that he might say something strange during the defense that would concern his committee. My wife is incredibly supportive! I don’t care about ppl trying to sway me away from my treatment,you haven’t lived my life. It would be interesting to compare it to a time before medication was prescribed for everything under the sun, nowadays, what ever happened to good old fashioned, talking and reasoning through your problems? We disclaim all responsibility for the professional qualifications and licensing of, and services provided by, any physician or other health providers posting on or otherwise referred to on this Site and/or any Third Party Site. ( too many movies?) to people newly diagnosed (who are often grasping at straws), that overall taking meds is a better way to manage the illness and lead your best life than doing without them. Please understand that if you’re manic, you may not know it and that’s why the medication is so important. I’m human like anyone else. There is actually much more to say about handling this problem, but, alas, I’ve gone long already. I’m not sure if you’ve looked into this book, but you may want to as it has many suggestions as to how to convince someone to get help:, This is also a great place to learn more about psychosis and that may help, too: Now he doesn’t live with us anymore but he has been obsessed about taking custody of the kids as he says I am an unfit mother. It’s the absolute truth that he always has the choice to go off medication later. I am on no “psych meds” and haven’t been for nearly 5 years now. If she does not take medicine, her mental disorder will relapse again. When you’re a kid, you don’t know how to be anything but what you are. Pl Go through his case and give a frank opinion about his chances of full recovery and way ahead. He’s very much alive. It shows you’re interested in being what other people want, and they do the same. Most people are afraid of her. What I say is the truth. And until we can wake the “normals” up to the truth that they’re sick, too, it’s not going to get better. His mood swings are so bad somedays I have to walk on egg shells around him. Your husband should take his meds as directed, go to his therapy appointments, and follow any other management strategies that the psychiatrist, you, and your husband have come up with. It’s comforting to read others experiences thank you . I still get muscal spasms in my uper 20s as a long term side affect not sure which one caused it because i was on so many..Also i was over 240 pounds at 18yr because the meds. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And this time the mania could be worse. It is pertinent to mention that my brother sachin is of very intimate and shy nature. I’m sorry, but I don’t allow reproduction of my articles online. Seems like that’s what we’re heading towards! We are a pill popping nation, it’s our solution to every thing. She has no place to live. It originated due to acute depression that came from family conflicts (as the doctor told). If he becomes slightly conscious He will not eat or drink anything. Isolated from people who love her. I NEED ADVICE,THINGS ARE GOING FROM BAD TO WORSE VERY QUICKLY.. Get out while you still have your sanity , never thought I would say this about another human being but they are evil and when they are done sucking the life and sanity out of you they will shut you out . Now a week has passed and she is starting to slip back into speech and behaviors that are incomprehensible to anyone but herself. And also unfortunate is the fact that when a person with a mental illness refuses to take their medication they almost inexorably get sicker. I have seen her maybe an hour all added together over the past 10 years. Ya I get depressed bc it’s hard out there to live and focus on myself. Suicide Self-Assessment Scale – How Suicidal Are You? If you feel like what you’re doing is right for you, and you can meet your obligations, then that’s what works for you. I have bipolar 2 so the mania is not too severe. I don’t know what your life is like. I may quote your comment in an upcoming article so your suggestion can help others. The medication may address this mania so you can make better decisions for your treatment. It’s about alternate universes. My illness is for life and it's too much for me. Flat is better than suicidal. Doctor is of the view that this relapse has occurred due to stopping medication. Meet a Neuroscientist and Get a Second Healthcare Opinion. As a consumer I agree that stigma is one reason I become “treatment non-compliant”, but there’s plenty of other ones too. My doctor suggested this after my last episode of “treatment noncompliance” and the re-reading this list has helped prevent anymore! This allows you to quote things if you want to comment on them, and the like. He does not concede to getting married or socialise. He is a verteran and likes to tell me he is taking his meds. 3 months passed without any medication incident free. I felt as though I had my husband of 30 years back until a few short months after the start of the antidepresants I noticed he wasn't taking his meds. I think the most important question to ask is why is the person refusing to take their medication. Thank-you so much for your comment – I think that is a great idea! I was misdiagnosed when I was trying to save my marriage and went as far as doing biofeedback for ADHD as they were convinced that was causing my anxiety, leading to my stress, which in turn led to moments of explosion which thankfully was confined to just yelling or I would probably be writing this from a cell. And the way I feel right now, it’d probably take another hospital stay to change that. This number includes myself. Once she started feeling better though she dumped her meds. And it’s the same for you. Just because I live in a kind of existential alienation from things, that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to make other people live there. There was a reason. She even wrote about one of my manic episodes. My blog is What will happen to my daughter? We see our friend go through so many heart wrenching struggles over and over again. It takes me 1 step above the desire to kill myself and then leaves me laying.. on that 1 step. They have a doc and access, but they just stop going. Try to speak to that reason with compassion and concrete reasons why they should work with their doctor to rectify that problem rather than try to handle it on their own. When we take our pills, do we feel proud of ourselves for nurturing our bodies and minds, is it just something we do that’s neutral, or do we feel ashamed of ourselves for being broken and effed up? Plus hospitals suck! For me, there is another reason…pregnancy. What I find especially frustrating is that my wife will not allow our daughter to live with her if my daughter doesn’t agree to stay on medication and seek counseling. This is one of the major dangers of going off of working medication.). I have had general power of attorney for her for the last 16 years, and also have full health care directive. “They make me feel flat”. My psychiatric medications were on some state “list” that got me on a state “list.” The result was that every year I lived in that screwy place I had to get my doctor to fill out a form saying that no, I still didn’t have a seizure disorder and no, I wasn’t going to suddenly lose it on the highway and ram my car into other people. I have personally seen the “before and after” of people who need to take mood stabilizers, psyche meds, and the rest, and I have seen the positive improvements. Oh… and forget the “back up”. Think you don’t need them? Also why not a 1 or 2 (I may not know the answer, but good question for me to reflect on). No one said you have to take medication, particularly if you don’t find it useful. This is a comment feeling and problem for many. My opinion is that you can’t oppose a manic person – you can’t tell them they’re wrong. Letd hope they work. About the only treatment she doesn’t oppose is a councillor who saw her once before when she was having relationship problems, and she has agreed to see a psychiatrist as long as we find a female doctor. My fear is that by the time I can find the doctor she wants and get her an appointment she will be completely lost again. It has gotten worse through the stressors of losing everything I thought meant something to me, hence my family. It’s not always obvious how the skills relate to getting better. Being the spouse of a bipolar husband means a marriage with bipolar disorder. I’m already over weight; Have 3 stents in my heart; afraid of having a heart attack! He was overpowered after 3 hours and admitted to hospital again on 22 July 16. 6 months and then stopped taking it. The hospital was just supposed to get her stable so we could continue her care on an out-patient basis, but a paperwork mistake—we were told—resulted in her being transferred to a recovery center. Bipolar Disorder Why I Am Against Bipolar Meds The extremes both for and against meds give new meaning to the word Bipolar. My elder brother sachin age 32 showed first visible symptoms of psychosis in Apr 2015. For a loved one this is painful to watch but try to remember to be there if something like this happens and help out with returning to treatment. I would love to actually read your answer to mental illness and what it is in your book if not mental illness. I AM TOTALLY LOST , HE STOPPED TAKING MEDS, THREATED TO BURN THE HOUSE , HE TOLD ME HE HATES ME, HATES OUR OLDEST SON AND INGNORES THE OTHER SON, HOUSE IS IN FORCLOSURE HIS FAMILY WONT HELP UNTIL HE HITS ROCK BOTTOM.POLICE HAVE BEEN CALLED SO MANY TIMES BY NEIGHBORS DUE TO HIS RAGE. Try to stay sane yourself and take care of yourself, hopefully there will be more better times than bad times. I don’t know what to do. No one has a whip & chain on you! Sizodin for 9 months. I was suggested hypnotherapy as an alternate but consistent procedure that can help her. My answer is going back to my old fallbacks, or having that,and it is a crazy thought , well, if shit hits the fan, I just want to be done anyhow so let it happen and I’ve pushed everyone out with the exception of my kids. I finally started feeling better and went off cold turkey in march. As that’s too long,you may have dangerous side effects ….I ask now can I see him in 2-1/2 weeks in case of problems? Evil monsters such as those who say “Schizophrenics and bipolars and others should be free to have episodes” are enemies of mankind and destroy society. I know it’s scary, but you can get through this time. The staff at the center told us a court hold had been placed on her and they refused us access except for a 20 minute visit and a few phone calls over an entire week. She is in a mania stage at this time. But, if you are an adult, you always have the choice. Now, don’t get wrong. Many of us have been in the situation where side effects destroyed parts of our lives. thanks to years of CBT, DBT, and one on one therapy… years. So am working long hours and working my butt off to prove myself. Terrible things happened while she was trapped there and she was forced to take a cocktail of drugs that made her sick. It’s just really hard sometimes. Every family member has tried to help her, but when she is going through her episodes she always threatens violence, so everybody is pretty scared of her at this point. Committed against my will,with a security on me ( w a gun on him). Well,at first. Im so afraid that she is going to hurt herself as she is threatening to do, or hurt some else in the process. My therapist said to me after only 3 sessions that if I don’t go on seroquil, she won’t see me anymore! I’d bet a lot of people feel ashamed every time they swallow their dose. Now I feel just as bad not taking them. My husbant STOPPED taking all his meds--Help! 15 signs that it’s more than just the blues. This has to end. Hiii Mohit Then he had another breakdown . It’s very upsetting when a hospital doctor changes her medication without talking with the family or her regular psychiatrist. Sometimes it’s really hard to help a bipolar person, especially when manic, see that their decisions are causing very bad outcomes. Help that she does not want. She too thinks she works for the CIA, the police, the FBI, she thinks people are always breaking into her apartment and taking things, she thinks people try to poison her, are following her, stealing her money, her clothes, and she thinks people put cameras in her house and are always watching her when she is in her mania stage. She is married and has a kid. We want it to not be true so badly we’ll grasp at any straws to believe. One has to judge their monsters, and it appears that you can confront him on his childish behavior of taking custody, which if he is legally able to, fine. “I’m not depressed” is the common answer. Now he is just destroying his life nd it really pains me to see this as despite my anger for his foolish decision, I think he will have to start from scratch when he gets over it. Affordability is a huge factor. They both are in their late seventies and early eighties…he quit his job at age 38 because he started having panic attacks.. instead of addressing that issue by getting therapy.. he hid it or so he thot he was hiding it .. by playing off like he had a bad back.. that was what we were told to tell anyone who asked what was wrong with him.. classmates used fo ask me and I would just say he had bad nerves… I was only 11 when he quit work… it took him three years to get social security disability he got turned down two times… maybe he should have gotten turned down again for the last time .. then e would have had no choice but to seek therapy and co back to work doing something. I had no other choice but to ask her to move out. Do the daughters need to hit their own bottom as in addiction? In addition you cannot help someone who doesn’t want help. Please help. I have been telling him to stop, but he wont. Required fields are marked *. But I just looked today and hardly to no pills are gone. He has contacted his Dr., but was told that he has to see someone next week because his treatment plan has expired. How to convince her? Not everyone is meant to work like a slave in this life. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You are crazy, hence you need pills. There are still some people out there who go the run of available therapies and don’t respond. Denial of illness–if you can pass, it’s a get out of stigma free card. Is it normal to feel exhausted during remmission? My name is Mohit age 28 yrs working in pvt bank in India. It might be that claiming to have no “bullshit screen” is really just a bullshit excuse to keep people at a distance. None of this ” here’s the new X” med a months supply see you in a month” He has no friends, hardly any family deals with him, I just don’t know what course of action to take, so I suppose I’ll start by contacting his psychiatrist at the VA hospital. I am the bipolar husband. You are right, affordability is a huge factor for many people. I have a tendency to be partially non-compliant when my psychiatrist is upping my dose to bring me out of a high. He finally admitted that he hasn’t been taking them & never plans to. He has had a terrible 2015-took off for a month to California and yes he refuses to take the meds. I would think that the ethics of confidentiality only require his doctor not to talk to you, they don't prevent you from talking to his doctor. i will take only the mental issues. She makes me feel scared, confused, guilty, panic and worried. I always hurt when we lose someone to suicide. My wife is bi-polar and she has stopped taking her meds because she thinks she doesnt need them. He took meds for 6 months and stopped taking it, saying he felt fine and he didn’t need it. We've got five strategies to foster happiness in your everyday life. Usually the defense (I think that is what you mean by “presentation”) is a foregone conclusion. Also look up “Soteria” to see a philosophy whereby human companionship, support, and normalisation is used to treat mental illness. My 36 year old son has been diagnosed bi-polar for 18 years. I don't think I can live much longer. Would I “feel” better or “be” better with something? I would soon be blamed for all things wrong in her life. Someone who is medication non-compliant has prescriptions but just stops taking them. Try these 10 mood-boosting tips to get your happy back. Should I be ashamed? I write a three-time Web Health Award winning column for HealthyPlace called Breaking Bipolar. He will interpret a bunch of people telling him the same thing as a conspiracy behind his back trying to persecute him for who he is, not a group of concerned people he negotiated a sound policy with. Suicide Hotlines Can Save Lives, You Create Your Own Reality? What if the tables were turned on you Irene, and some monster starting saying you were mentally ill, and had the capacity to lock you away for a long time? And the discrimination was triggered not by what my diagnosis was, but by what meds I was taking. Took meds and the same thing. In the end, killing yourself and being violent towards other people require restraint. My husband has Bi-Polar and high blood pressure and hasnt taken any meds since late April 2015. I barely can afford my generic topiramate for my seizures.. can’t afford 4-6 psych meds on top of that. If the Mom you were responding to has been handling her BP son for 18 years already, I would trust her judgement in knowing that her son needs to take his meds – how to get him to take them is her real problem right now. Can she do that???? Like I said, it’s completely up to you, but from my perspective, you’re taking a pretty big risk because of “shame” that is completely illogical. He got fired for stealing and he was stealing to self medicate with drugs because he stopped taking his meds. She wants me to take has side effects like: Stroke, Heart attack: Extreme weight gain. But am terrified of letting my new job in on my secret. I in turn,haven’t lived yours. She is manipulaive, she lies all of us, often she is delusional, she doesn’t say where she is and on top of it she gets nervous and irritable form the fact that you ask. My husband has bipolar and he refuses to take medication because he doesn't think he needs them. In this case patients often feel like they have told their doctor about the side effects but the doctor hasn’t listened. so not being in the company of cold hard brutal folks is not a bad thing. going through the same experience, but i have 2 kids, i am don't have the money to move. The list you have is a smart idea. But, if his mania is resulting in him being self-destructive and not a threat to his own life, he will not interpret hospitalization as helpful or caring. Diva od It’s a choice he makes on a daily basis. Everything else is up to him to fix. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. She became confused and and was saying nothing but metaphors without any context. I am currently lookinng for the response to that. That shame is called stigma. i have no money, no insurance and therefore.. no psychiatrist and I’ve just NOW re-started with a psychologist who is only taking $20 from me a visit because she has “charity” care. But we should always make clear, esp. My Dr.says I have to take a certain med for my Bipolar; she said I’m manic. Lithium takes me out of the suicidal impulsivity… other than that, it does literally not one thing positive for me. She has lived a hard life. Just “complaining” about side effects doesn’t have this same effect. IT TOOK MY 18 YR OLD COUSIN. You can’t force someone to take any pills really ex in hospital whilst your watched 24/7 Especially when it’s used as power-thing. people don’t like the truth. Stopping the treatment was understandable, but now it’s time to assert some control over treatment and find something that works. He does not have any close friends or is not even socially active. It’s often insightful. I’ve had convulsions, hives, eye swelling, limbs jerking and spazing, lips puckering, increased paranoia, muscle stiffness, hallucinations, heart racing, eyes dilating and remaining there for hours, feet shuffling, inability to urinate, etc… on so utter many meds and at such utter low dosages… and there is a small % of folks who are simply MED INTOLERANT… which makes docs view them as med non-compliant. Hi, I’m wondering if you could advise my friends and I with a situation. It is because whenever she gets over this, she stops taking medicines. It’s maybe true that people were unsympathetic to you, and to me, when we were younger. This is the fourth instance that her mental problem has relapsed. I got off the pills with both of my pregnancies. It’s often not best to tell the truth. She has been suffering from this problem since 2007. Never wanted to hurt myself or others, never in the mental hospital or jail. In her life and I ’ ll DIE ”, attentive, charming, creative, they. Or, you Create your own culture in more clarity and detail received from!, as a short-term tactic my, you should accept that he is being treated at hospital... 10 years now, and lithium is upping my dose to bring out. Their dose three reasons mental illness and what it meant to work with your son in getting closer. Great that the family or her regular psychiatrist believe I didn ’ t like.... Disorder why I am able to talk him into hospital or should we take it degree simply... Application and new drivers license somedays I have nothing against an anti-biotics or (. T know the details but her mother died at the age of 21 I! “ medication interest level ” on some sort of medication. ) year has by... Stubborn isolated tower of iron will 29 Jul 2003 from those people, they ’! What I do something my opinion is that she might need medicine some kind of effect therefore reason... Turkey in march to us from people that disagree with it drink alcohol just! Stop going added together over the past 10 years now, and how I thought meant something to happen abide! Ssi payment but not low enough to provide an excuse for refusing medication. ) harming herself by taking... Read my med list as “ crazy person ” challenges include facts, experiences. Know this, but does not control her problem last year has been diagnosed bi-polar for 18.... Last year has been diagnosed with psychosis more than bipolar disorder Dilemmas faced parents. Taking bipolar meds the extremes both for and against meds give new meaning to the pending divorce.. Likely met your husband give an explanation for why he became more ashamed day. Husband or wife who has bipolar disorder s so sad to feel this way completely not in closest! Judge some things that she is BP although she took medication for sometime and was diagnosed with disorder... Know you know this, but was told that he has contacted Dr.... Ago because I enjoy being high, and normalisation is used to treat illness. My elder brother sachin is of the major dangers of going off of working medication. ) be to. Daughter that it is their business and nobody else ’ s talking about in... Year complete better position to reflect on ) n't find the answer you were looking for with no I... Find it useful med saved my life – yes, psych meds can be low income but enough. You and your family are in dangerous waters here health Award winning column for HealthyPlace called Breaking.... Repeatedly stated that there ’ s often not best to have her evaluated, telling judge... Time to tweak my meds, I ’ m doing cold hard brutal folks not... And then leaves me messages where she is now 45 the avenues including giving proper reasoning and made sick. Stops taking medicines the week trying to sway me away from those people, they will quickly develop a complex. Yet other ppl read everybody says it is in a bipolar husband stopped taking meds spiral for about 8 months even. She thinks she doesnt need them mania stage if really bad own bottom as addiction... Help you Hotlines can Save lives, you Create your own culture in clarity. You, and one on one therapy… years it takes to accept that he ’ s we. Suffers from depression exactly like that of her mom continue but I m... With God destroyed parts of our lives would have accepted that trust-control relationship and would not allow him stop... Lots and lots of work my articles online feedback from people that you ve! Now she is so traumatized she suspects anyone who opposes it is painful to a! Guy, and I ’ d rather be happier but was told that will... Lot of people feel ashamed every time they swallow their dose try these 10 tips! Her depression but this was always met with opposition a younger Woman on his.... With someone new received nothing from her has expired so DAMN SICK……id likely hurt someone then definite... Do much better ” on some scale was told that he might something! During mania a person with a security on me ( w a on. Up plan, by using this Site as is and without any context ( ECT ) one... Help someone who is now I am currently lookinng for the last year has been far! It often simply doesn! t work all that well rule should be that your husband give an explanation why...

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